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#NCTEchat Preview: Why Writing Workshop?


Writers do not write with words and conventions alone; writers write above all with meaning.

~Lucy Calkins, A Guide to the Writing Workshop Grades 3-5


When I began using the writing workshop model in my classroom, I started to truly understand the importance of meaning within writing. I began to appreciate that my students had stories and ideas that were greater than any topic I could assign. As a teacher, I really began to reflect on my practices, noticing that my students had an investment in their own learning when using this framework. Before using this model, my focus was on the product and appearance of the writing. Growing as an educator forced me to find something better as I watched my students’ writing fail to flourish. Are you a teacher using the writing workshop model? Are you a teacher who is thinking about taking a leap and trying it this fall?

Join us, the co-authors of Two Writing Teachers, on Sunday, August 21st as we tackle the topic, “Why Writing Workshop?” Questions will begin at 8:00 p.m. ET using #NCTEchat.

Here is a preview of the questions:



4 thoughts on “#NCTEchat Preview: Why Writing Workshop?

  1. THANK YOU for this post! You have nailed the essence of Workhop for me in the idea that kids have stories and ideas to share greater than any topic we can assign them. Many of us do focus more on product and appearance–that’s easy to see and quantify. It’s the heart of the writer and helping each writer grow thier voice in order to share that heart that Workshop is all about. Workshop nurtures process AND the products produced are better as a result!


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