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ICYMI: Conferring Toolkits Blog Series


In case you missed a post during out Conferring Toolkits Blog Series, here is a sneak peek!

Elizabeth wrote about Class Stories, Shared Writing and Interactive Writing

She shared how having pieces of writing that the whole class has been involved in creating are invaluable resources to have at your fingertips while conferring.

Anna wrote about Creating Visuals for Teaching Tools

Anna shared ways to demonstrate visuals that support  elaboration and balance in a narrative as well as feelings and conventions.

I wrote about Supplies and How to Use Them

There are all kinds of supplies you can carry around in your toolkit to make conferring more efficient. In this post I shared some of my “must haves.”

Dana shared Cheat Sheets

Dana’s cheat sheet examples help us keep moving when we feel stuck.

Stacey showed us different styles of Record Keeping

Do you go digital or handwritten? Stacey shares options for both styles of record keeping.

Tara shared Mentor Texts

Tara shares how mentor texts are one of the most important pieces within her toolkit and allows her to share good writing with students.

There you have it! But wait! Join us tomorrow at 8:30 for a Twitter Chat that continues the conversation! What do you have in your toolkit?

Click on the image for more information about the Twitter Chat.
Click on the image for more information about the Twitter Chat.



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