Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 25 of 31

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It’s Day Twenty-Five of the Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge. You are ALMOST there! Just six more days to go!

A really great lead sentence can really pull a reader into your story–not only that but as a writer, once you have a great lead sentence, the rest of the writing comes more easily!

Check out some great leads by students over the past few days and weeks:

Aniko Rao, from Linda and Jonathan’s Class Blog, on her own blog Death by Book wrote:

“I watched as mom slid the batter into the oil. Bubbles formed and encased the little clump of batter.

‘See how it rose to the top immediately?’ she said, ‘That’s how you know when the oil is hot enough.'”

Check out the lead to a poem that Zahira, from 3EV’s SOLCC 2015, wrote on her own blog, Zahira’s Class Blog:

Sick today
Boredom sticks up
Dizziness takes my forehead
Heat brushes my cheeks
Farah J., from Wonderland on her own blog, Another Mind, wrote these lovely first lines:
Rain has a mind of it’s own. One moment the sky is bright and blue. The next moment it is dull and grey.
The next time you’re stuck, try playing around with two or three leads, then choose the one you like best. You might be surprised at how things fall in to place after that.

Happy Slicing!

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