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Another Commenting Challenge with a BIG Prize

TWT SOLSC Prize Image 2015 - V2 copyOur community of writers is a strong one.  It is built on the willingness of each of you to share your stories and comment on other writers’ blogs.  Our community would not survive without your comments.  This weekend, we aim to reward the readers in our community with our second Commenting Challenge.

The prize for this Commenting Challenge is donated by the Highlights Foundation.  The mission of the Highlights Foundation is to improve the quality of children’s literature by helping authors and illustrators hone their craft.


Kent Brown, executive director of the Highlights Foundation, is pleased to offer one of our writers the opportunity attend a Highlights Foundation workshop.  The prize will cover the tuition of any of the posted June, July, or August workshops, retreats or unworkshops (with the exception of any that are sold out or have an application process).  Meals and private lodging are included.  Complimentary shuttle service from nearby airports is also provided.

Highlights 1

Take a look at their amazing offerings (click on any title to see a full description):

The In-Betweeners: Writing Early Readers and First Chapter Books 2015
June 11 – June 14

Unworkshops: Your Room to Create
June 21 – June 26

Writing from the Heart 2015
June 21 – June 28

Guided Retreat with Jillian Sullivan 2015
June 28 – July 5

Nuts and Bolts of Science Writing 2015
July 5 – July 9

Summer Camp at The Barn 2015
July 12 – July 18

Nonfiction: Crafting Picture Books and Articles 2015
August 2 – August 6

Whole Novel Workshop 2015
August 9 – August 15

Revision Retreat 2015
August 15 – August 19

Writing for the Educational Market 2015
August 19 – August 23

Unworkshops: Your Room to Create 
August 23-30

Stacey recently attended an Unworkshop at the beautiful Highlights Foundation.  You can read about her experience here.

Highlights 2

Escape to the Highlights Foundation campus, and spend some time with your inner writer.


To be eligible for this amazing prize, you must leave a total of at least 60 comments on other Slicers’ blogs today and Sunday.  Keep track of the number of comments you leave (a simple tally system will work).  Once you have left 60 comments, come back to this post and leave a comment.  The comment you leave on this post will serve as your entry to the giveaway.  A winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced on Tuesday, 3/24.

Thank you, Highlights Foundation, for this amazing prize!


Official Rules:

  • Leave at least 60 comments on other Slicers’ blogs before 11:59 p.m. EDT on Sunday, 3/22.
  • Come back to this post and leave a comment here by noon EDT on Monday, 3/23.  Your comment serves as verification that you commented on at least 60 other blogs over the weekend.
  • A winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced in a separate post on Tuesday, 3/24.
  • The winner will be notified via email with the subject line: Two Writing Teachers Prize Winner.  If the winner does not respond via email within 3 days, a new winner will be chosen.

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41 thoughts on “Another Commenting Challenge with a BIG Prize Leave a comment

  1. 62 posts! Wooooo! What a fantastic challenge with an awesome prize! I really enjoyed a lot of the posts. This challenge made me work tirelessly, but it is sooooo worth it. Thanks for doing this!


  2. More than 60! Now, that was awesome! I love these commenting challenges… gets me over to a bunch more blogs than my usual 3-5.
    Now… I’m glad this wasn’t a “get all your grading and other work done” challenge… because THAT is something I completely failed at. oops.


  3. Love this challenge! And I have to say I worked like a dog with a very busy weekend to get it done! I did this b/c I have been to Highlights! Kent Brown is an extremely generous man! I would love to get back…I’m in the middle of a middle grade novel, and would so love to work on it there. There’s nothing like their workshops anywhere! I am now done, and would like to thank you all for inspiring me to visit so many wonderful blogs. It gave me a real sense of a teaching community!


  4. Just finished the 60 comment challenge and I’m happy I went to so many new slicers. I am “walking away” with so much inspiration, new ideas to share, and a renewed sense of “we are all in this together!!!”


  5. Hi! I love receiving comments so much, and benefit from reading other slices, that I was already commenting a lot. So I was determined, and got to 60+, but realized that 60 was really a lot! I loved doing it this weekend, loved reading many slicers I had overlooked. But now I am going to tear myself away from the computer screen and back to my own life a little more 🙂
    Thanks for getting this wonderful “prize”- hope whoever gets it will write well and share their work somehow 🙂


  6. Amazing challenge that led me to so many great posts. I read 64 – numbers are tricky when one works in literacy and a couple of times my tally marks got pretty squished together!

    Everyone participating in the commenting challenge is a winner because they’ve read and written so much for each other that the community will continue to thrive. Thanks #twtblog! Brilliant plan!


  7. Hi….I just finished 66 comments on 66 wonderful posts about lives, love and loss. I am amazed by this phenomenal community across our world. And it really helped that I no longer have my cast to contend with!!! Thank Highlights for this amazing chance. xo nanc


  8. I so enjoyed participating in this challenge! I read and commented on at least 62 posts and it was such a treat to experience the variety. Thank you for pushing me to read more and learn more, and also for the chance to win this fabulous prize!


  9. YES! I made it to 60 and then realized that I wanted to read Donna Smith’s post and so I total 61 blogs read. Wow! This has been quite a journey amidst trying to tweet, leave comments, reoly to those who came to my site, and check emails. All of this has been a positive experience for from reading others’ works I have broadened my base of knowledge (learned some new facts), heard from people in other locales, and enjoyed meeting new colleagues. Thank you Two Writing Teachers for the experience of connecting with others writers.


  10. This is such a great challenge! I made it to 60! And I cried. I laughed. I wrote down lesson ideas. I bought an app. I tweeted a quote. What a rich experience this was! I won already.


  11. I did it! To heck with report card comments, I was commenting on more than 60 blogs this weekend! What a great challenge and a delight to read so many different pieces. Got to go—time to get back to those other comments!


  12. I just finished reading and commenting on 60 posts, and I plan to keep reading and commenting this afternoon! I have had so much fun with this entire experience. Through this challenge, I read a variety of posts by writers whose work I had not yet discovered; I feel as if I have learned so much more about this wonderful community of writers and readers. What a privilege to be part of it all!


  13. The rewards I received from this challenge were immense. Reading and commenting on 62 posts (plus a few more that I read and couldn’t figure out how to comment about) has given me insights to topics and ways to improve my own blog posts. Plus, hearing my iPhone “daaahhhlliiiinnnggg” when someone posts on what I have written brings a smile to my face.


  14. Huzzah! I did it too!! I commented on more than sixty. How interesting it is to see so many slices and sweet spots from people’s days: school and childre, down sizing and currently lists, pictures and memories of loss and love. So rich these storied moments. I enjoyed the commenting and hearing writers’ many voices.


  15. I’ve commented on 60 slices and feel accomplished. So much great writing and support happens during March. As many have said, the chance of winning is small. I don’t know how I would pull it off, but I won’t even bring it up with my husband until there is that bridge to cross. 🙂


  16. Just after midnight and I read my 60 slices. It was actually a fun challenge. I met so many new slicers – some I never visited before. Winning the class would be lovely – but the chance to read so many moving slices was a real bonus.


  17. Score! I just finished 60…I knew I couldn’t read any tomorrow, so I just kept on going off and on today. I’m on a roll….I think I want to do more. There are so many good blogs out there!
    This is such an awesome prize to have an opportunity to participate in.


  18. I always try to comment on the three posts that follow mine, but today I commented on all the ones that followed as well as some later posts. I also enjoyed seeing more posts on my slice! I’m glad I took the time to read more slices. It open my eyes to even more writers. Tomorrow I’ll comment on more posts, but today I commented on 60. Thanks for the challenge.


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