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SOLS and a New Hashtag

Happy New Year, everyone!  If you are sharing your Slice of Life Story on Twitter, please use #sol15 as the new hashtag for 2015.

Write your story, share your link, and give at least 3 comments to other Slicers.


76 thoughts on “SOLS and a New Hashtag

  1. My OLW is “revision”. Recently retired… I have the opportunity to “revise” my life…to focus on my passions and interests. I love blogs and read Two Writing Teachers faithfully. Although I’m not totally up to speed on my blogging, I’m “working” on it…..here’s where you can find me http://rhonda-adayinthelife.blogspot.com

    Irene Fountas once told me, “The spirit of our work is sharing with our colleagues.” She’s right …and blogging is a great way in which to share. Thanks for the opportunities.


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