Dana’s One Little Word for 2015

Image from Pixabay

My daughter, Maddie, has watched quizzically as I’ve shopped for a new purse.  I’ve picked up an endless amount of purses in the stores.  First, I check that it has the necessary zipper closure, multiple compartments, and short handles.  Then, I place each purse on my shoulder and pause.  Sighing, I shake my head and keep looking.  The purse has to feel right.  I will know it when I find it.  My search for my One Little Word has been similar.  I’ve picked up word after word to check that it held the sentiment I wanted to express.  Then, I’ve whispered each word aloud and paused.  Sighing, I shake my head and vow to keep looking.  It has to feel right.

Although my One Little Word didn’t need a zipper closure, multiple compartments, and short handles, it did need to express the sentiment I’ve been feeling in my heart…. something about the way I choose to spend my time.  As a matter of fact, for weeks I had settled on the word “time.”  Like Anna, I want to make choices about my time that reflect what matters most to me. I want to spend my time with the people who matter most.  And I mean real time, not text messaging and Facebook.  I want to not worry so much about whether our beds are made on a Saturday morning, and worry more about the last time I laughed myself silly with my daughters.  I want to spend time at the end of a long day talking to my husband, not emptying the dishwasher and going through the mail. I want to take advantage of the fact that I live five minutes away from my sister and her family.  I want to see my friends more often.  With a milestone birthday approaching for me this year (hint: it begins with a four and ends with a zero), I guess I want to concentrate on living a full life, not a busy one.

However, the word “time” didn’t feel quite right.  Like a purse that is a bit too bulky under the arm, I knew “time” wasn’t the perfect fit.  My husband suggested maybe my word should be a verb.  As we discussed the possibilities, I reminded him of last summer when I disconnected from email and Facebook for three long months.  “It’s so funny how disconnecting made me feel so much more connected to my life,” I told him.

Connect.  I whispered it aloud.  Connect.  Yes, that feels right.

My OLW for 2015 is connect.  I can’t wait to see what it teaches me.