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Dana’s One Little Word for 2015

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My daughter, Maddie, has watched quizzically as I’ve shopped for a new purse.  I’ve picked up an endless amount of purses in the stores.  First, I check that it has the necessary zipper closure, multiple compartments, and short handles.  Then, I place each purse on my shoulder and pause.  Sighing, I shake my head and keep looking.  The purse has to feel right.  I will know it when I find it.  My search for my One Little Word has been similar.  I’ve picked up word after word to check that it held the sentiment I wanted to express.  Then, I’ve whispered each word aloud and paused.  Sighing, I shake my head and vow to keep looking.  It has to feel right.

Although my One Little Word didn’t need a zipper closure, multiple compartments, and short handles, it did need to express the sentiment I’ve been feeling in my heart…. something about the way I choose to spend my time.  As a matter of fact, for weeks I had settled on the word “time.”  Like Anna, I want to make choices about my time that reflect what matters most to me. I want to spend my time with the people who matter most.  And I mean real time, not text messaging and Facebook.  I want to not worry so much about whether our beds are made on a Saturday morning, and worry more about the last time I laughed myself silly with my daughters.  I want to spend time at the end of a long day talking to my husband, not emptying the dishwasher and going through the mail. I want to take advantage of the fact that I live five minutes away from my sister and her family.  I want to see my friends more often.  With a milestone birthday approaching for me this year (hint: it begins with a four and ends with a zero), I guess I want to concentrate on living a full life, not a busy one.

However, the word “time” didn’t feel quite right.  Like a purse that is a bit too bulky under the arm, I knew “time” wasn’t the perfect fit.  My husband suggested maybe my word should be a verb.  As we discussed the possibilities, I reminded him of last summer when I disconnected from email and Facebook for three long months.  “It’s so funny how disconnecting made me feel so much more connected to my life,” I told him.

Connect.  I whispered it aloud.  Connect.  Yes, that feels right.

My OLW for 2015 is connect.  I can’t wait to see what it teaches me.



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  1. Beautiful Dana! I love the connection between our words and the fact that we almost picked the same one. I think so many of us are fed up with the implication that success means a job that takes us away from what matters most. Let’s reclaim our lives.


  2. I love the purse analogy. Your daughter doesn’t get it yet, but she will. It takes time and it has to be right. So glad your found THE just right word for 2015. Looking forward to see how it will connect everything in 2015!


  3. A great choice. CONNECT has so many positive connections! Have enjoined reading post and tweets about OLW saw many with #oneword2015 and then made a WORDLE Nice way to connect.


  4. I love the word connect. I also like how multiple words can get at similar concepts. The further I got into my OLW journey, the more I realized that my words work toward similar overarching themes but provide a path to focus on different aspects to get there. Here’s to your year with connect!


  5. Yes… connect! That’s it! That’s the perfect word for you, Dana. The idea of disconnecting to connect is so important in today’s society. (By golly, I think you’re going to have a book that comes out of your experience with this OLW.)

    Good luck finding a just-right purse too!


  6. It is amazing how packed one little word can be! I sense some common strings working through many of the choices I have been reading…and with mine. Makes me wonder if there is [erhaps a quiet revolt going on…a revolution to regain balance.


  7. I think connect is a word that could serve all of us well, including those of us who have reached a milestone birthday that begins with “s” and ends with zero – and the first syllable does NOT rhyme with fix. Now how’s that for a mind-boggler?


  8. I really like your word connect. I like how what you’ve written above leaves open so many possibilities for where this word will take you. One of the the things I have come to cherish this last year is the way you six make it possible for us to connect as teachers and writers here at TWT. Thank you for that and all the best with you word. I look forward to reading your posts about your journey with your OLW.


  9. Dana, What an important One Little Word! These days, we say we are connected ( through devices and SM) , but a true connection is so much more than that. I enjoyed reading your post and think your word “fits” just right.


  10. Connect is a wonderful word for you. You seem to do so much of it already. Your NCTE presentation showed how you connect meaningfully to parents. I love all the connections I’ve made through TWT.
    I love the analogy to trying out a new purse. Like a new purse, you will have to carry your OLW around for a while. I think you found the perfect fit.

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