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Have You Used Prezi?


I had heard of Prezi. I thought about Prezi. I used Powerpoint anyway.

I am preparing a presentation for July and had it practically done in Powerpoint. I was happy with the muted colors and pretty watermark flower that adorned each slide. The slides were full of words and photos…a lot of words though. I kept thinking about it. Wondering, was it boring?

Well, yes, it was a bit boring. I showed it to my husband. He said, “It looks nice.” However, it wasn’t anything spectacular. Nothing groundbreaking or amazing was going on and I wondered, how can I spice this up?

I thought about Prezi again and wondered. Do I dare?

Well, I dared. I started moving my presentation over to Prezi and found that it really helped me revise different sections in a more effective way. Less words, more wow!

I am still new to the whole Prezi world but this is what I have learned:

  • It’s cool. Really, I don’t even know how to explain it. The information you want to share just looks cooler on Prezi.
  • There are nice templates that make it easy to get started.
  • There is a free package! FREE!
  • It helps you organize your thoughts a bit better and scale down what you want to say.
  • It allows you to upload videos from YouTube, your own videos and photos are easy to upload.
  • You can make your own template and use all the shapes, lines and different variations of what they offer however you want.
  • It looks cool…wait, did I say that already?
  • You can actually insert Powerpoint presentations into Prezi!
  • There are diagrams that can be inserted.
  • It’s easy to choose the path of your Prezi. There are a few clicks and away you go.
  • You can share your Prezi. This is the neatest option. After you give a presentation using Prezi you can share the link and anyone can access your presentation!
  • This is a link to Prezi 101 and was very helpful to me when I started my project.
  • Now get going! Just think of the possibilities.

What I love about this idea is that there are endless ways I could use this in the classroom. My first thought was all the steps in planning and workshop structure could be put into a presentation for my students. What a great visual tool to keep them on task and aware of what step we are taking as a group when we are all in the same place at the beginning of the year. Think of all the content areas this could be used with! Social studies lessons, instantly even more exciting. Science experiments, instantly even more visible!

The other best part (there are so many best parts) you can explore other Prezi’s made by other people!

Here is a link to several Prezi presentations on reading and writing! Check them out. If I could pick a favorite I would, but there are so many and so many levels of awesome you just have to check them out. Play with what’s there and then get creating!

I’d love to follow up on this post! If you create a Prezi that you think the Two Writing Teachers audience would appreciate send me the link at bets577[at]gmail[dot]com

I would love to see what you create! Later this summer I will compile the links and hopefully by then I will have a few more of my own to share too!


Side note: The presentation I am preparing is on Writing Workshop for grades K-5 at nErDcamp MI. Have you heard of it? It is an ED Camp nerdy style put on by the one and only Colby Sharp from The Nerdy Book Club. It will be even more amazing than last year, it is in its second year this July. Donlayn Miller will offer a Keynote on day one and there will be session set up on July 7th. The following day will follow the traditional Ed Camp style of conference and the whole thing is FREE! Here is a link to the flyer and video explaining what it is all about. If you think you can make it to Parma, Michigan on July 7-8 I’d love to see/meet you and you won’t be disappointed. It will be all kinds of amazing!




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  1. Unfortunately Prezi has changed their policy and can no longer be used by my students. I was bummed when Prezi told me there was no way around this. At that point I stopped paying much attention. I would love to find a similar tool that can still be used with under 13s. We have gone back to Google Presentations and focused on presentation zen.


  2. I’ve worked diligently to whittle down the amount of text I put on my PPT slides in the past two years since I don’t like looking at lots of text in other people’s slides. I’ve gotten to a good place this past year, which means Prezi can only help me continue to move forward! Looking forward to trying it out next month.


  3. I think that Prezi and power point both have advantages and disadvantages. If Prezi causes “motion sickness” it may need some adjustments; similarly, if power point is about “being read to” it may need some adjustments. Visuals are critical for many adults and we do need to remember that is not always just the printed word!

    Thanks for the all the information and links for nErDcampMI in July. I did not remember that it was free! Another “possibility” for the summer!


  4. Thank you, Betsy. I am going to try this out. IF my son wasn’t getting married I would love to come to ED camp. He is in Ann Arbor for 4 weeks but leaves mid-June…..too bad it didn’t coincide. Prezi sounds great. I am so trying to stay “up” on new tech things.


  5. I’ve used Prezi too. I love the way it looks, but it can be really frustrating at times especially when you first start using it. I love Prezi for professional presentations, and you can present your Prezi presentation offline now.


  6. I have tried it, but become frustrated with it. I love the outcome, but I need to spend a little more time becoming comfortable with it. Time to give it another go!


  7. I have tried Prezi myself but yet to have my students use it. I used it a few years ago for a presentation for teachers in my school. I had a difficult time figuring it all out, but I do think it kept my presentation focused. In order to use Prezi for a presentation, you must have an Internet access which is an issue at some conferences. You have inspired me to give it another try.


  8. I love Prezzi—I use it for a presentation for Parent’s Night, for then I use pictures and videos of the children to show examples of my talk. Also, my biggest beef with power point is when there are lots of words that the speaker reads as I read along. The Prezzi just keeps me on point so I don’t miss anything I want to say.


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