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Write, Share, Give: SOLS Time

sols_6 (1)First of all, thank you to all of those who were willing to assist with the March SOLSC.

One area that we could still use help is with Welcome Wagon volunteers. I know last year the new slicers really appreciated getting daily comments from this crew. If you would please consider helping with this let me know using the document from last week’s post. I will contact you with more information as the challenge approaches. The job is simply committing to commenting on a handful of new slicers. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

 “Write what should not be forgotten.”
―Isabel Allende

Do you find that your slices help you hold onto segments of your day? I often find my slice emerging as I begin writing. I take a moment and suddenly it grows in importance. It allows me to pause and take in that slice of my day. I hope you find a moment to share and link in the comments below! Remember to comment on at least three fellow slicers and give them some blog love.

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