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Looking for Prize Donations

In a few weeks, we will begin our 7th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) .  The rewards for writing for 31 consecutive days are numerous: you will develop a writing habit, sharpen your writing skills, find your voice as a writer, belong to a writing community, receive peer feedback, learn to savor the struggle of writing…you will have written.

Although we all acknowledge that the true rewards of writing each day are those that are felt within, The Two Writing Teachers would also like to offer some external rewards for fun and encouragement along the way.  These prizes will be limited, so not every participant will receive a prize.  (Although we will all reap the real rewards of writing!)

We are currently looking for readers of the Two Writing Teachers blog who are willing to donate a prize for the participants of the SOLSC.   Examples of writing-related prizes might be: new and unused professional books, books to inspire writers, journals and notebooks, pens, or any other writing-related gifts that Slicers would appreciate.  For lists of past prizes, please click here or here.

If you are willing to donate a gender-neutral, writing-related prize to our SOLSC participants, please email me by February 1st.  Please include a verbal description of the prize, along with a jpeg photo of the prize, if available.  Also, please indicate in your email if you are willing to ship internationally since you will be responsible for all shipping costs.  (The majority of the participants are in the U.S., but we do have Slicers on nearly every continent.)

Thank you for your continued support of the Two Writing Teachers blog!  We are looking forward to the SOLSC!

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