Betsy’s One Little Word For 2014


come to my quietness
I shall cover you with it, like
a white sheet that has blown all day in
the sun, like a mountain lake
filled with spring, it shall slip over you.
— Diane di Prima

One Little Word

My One Little Word of 2013 was Pace. It would be the first time I chose a word to represent my year and I was excited to have a focus. I was excited to pace myself in all aspects of my life and the word just seemed right. I had big plans. I even went out and got special paper, a three-ring binder, some beautiful cardstock. I was going to scrapbook my word and make it official. So, was it the right word for me? I’ll never know because LIFE happened and my word went right out the door. I didn’t blog about it. I didn’t reflect on the word. I didn’t think about how it applied to my LIFE.

What are my plans for this year? Retire Pace and move on to a new word. Try again. Breathe new life into a word that I can try to live by. My new word for 2014? Silence. My goal? To silence my mind and listen to my heart. I thought about this a lot. I realize that my mind is always going, a million miles a minute. I know you can relate to this. My hope is that 2014 brings me some silence. This is nothing against noise. I have a lot of good noise in my life. Noisy children. A noisy classroom. But sometimes there is just too much noise and I need to find moments of silence to reflect. Here is my canvas of silence and the way I see it applying to me in 2014.

“Let silence be the art you practice” –Rumi


Pine in the breeze

Leaf from a tree

Wind in my hair

Light in the air

Silence lingers


All things grow and move in silence. The earth around the sun. The dandelion seed blowing. The glow of the moon. It all happens in silence; amazing things. I hope that some amazing things can happen for me when I am able to focus on finding silence and truly listen. Listen to the needs of others around me. Hear my heart and what I need to be truly filled with love and fulfillment. If I can find silence I can find peace in my mind and my heart as I enter a new year, 2014.


“Behind all creation is silence. Silence is the essential condition, the vital ingredient for all creation and all that is created. It is power in its own right. The artist starts with a blank canvas – silence. The composer places it between and behind notes. The very ground of your being, out of which comes all your thoughts is silence.”  -Theresa Lasichak