A Thankful Day

The long weekend is finally upon us. It is a good opportunity to recharge and spend time with loved ones. Will you be traveling? Will you be hosting? Will you be busy…most definitely. Holidays, as much as we love them, can get crazy and hectic. Sometimes it is nice to slow down a bit amidst the chaos. I like to write a poem when I start to feel like life is swirling around me. Holidays can sometimes do this to us. I would suggest you slow down for just a moment on this holiday weekend and write a poem. Write a memory. Write about your grandma’s pumpkin pie or your grandpa’s chair. Take a moment and write. You’ll be happy you did.

Thanks and gratitude

a side

like potatoes on a plate

they lie

with gravy boats

and beans awry

but really love’s the only side

the one that lies on plates with pie

the crust rolled out

my grandma’s cry

of laughter as the day goes by

sitting back I watch it fly

the love that lingers in my eye

that wraps around our table side

and holds us together

Thanksgiving, sigh.



We hope you have a lovely holiday.