In Search of a New Co-Author

As you may have heard by now, Ruth has decided it was time for her to step away from blogging at Two Writing Teachers.  Over the past six years, she has conveyed her passion for working with young writers on this blog.  Like you, I will miss reading her perspectives on the teaching of writing in this forum.

I will continue to blog at Two Writing Teachers and lead the Slice of Life Story Challenge here every Tuesday and all month long in March.  However, I want someone to join me in co-authoring this blog.

I am looking for a co-author who loves to write and to teach.  I want to work with someone who is willing to share their ideas, as well as their reflections about teaching writers in this forum.  I am eager to find someone who will stay true to the original mission of this blog, but also has ideas to improve Two Writing Teachers so it can continue to be a resource and a writing community for educators.

Are you interested in joining me on the next part of this blogging journey?  If you are, I hope you’ll fill out this brief questionnaire and let me know why you’re interested.  Also, please let me know if you have any questions.

I sincerely thank you for your interest.

UPDATED on 9/17/13: Thank you for the wonderful responses below and for personal e-mails.  I am no longer accepting responses for the co-author form. I’m humbled by the tremendous response I received from folks from all parts of the education community. I have been working my way through them and hope to have a decision made by early October. Thank you!