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A Holiday

I hope you are spending your holiday in a way that restores your soul.  I know I’m one of the earlier back-to-school people in our little community here. We’ve been back for three weeks. Some of you just started. And a few are still waiting for your first day of the new school year.

Whatever your lot, I hope we are all in the same boat today. Holidays are designed for restoration. That is their original intent. There are as many ways to rejuvenate as there are people on the planet. I’m curious how you are nourishing your spirit today.

As for me, I’m up early (maybe even earlier than on a school day), drinking a hot cup of candy-coffee, and putting words on the page. Lots of words. I’m writing articles. I’m blogging. I’m putting a collection of words down in the guise of writing YA fiction. I’m playing in my notebook.

I’m up early because soon Sam will be beside me. We’ll read several books. I’ll make him chocolate milk and refill my coffee cup. He’ll start building train tracks or marble runs or domino towers, and I’ll know my writing time is about to end.

Steph will be down next with Ivy + Bean, her fuzzy blanket, and a smile. She’ll snuggle with me on the couch and read. I’ll have to squeeze in a few more words.

I’ll go for a run and when I get back Andy will be up. Hannah will probably still be sleeping.

The rest of the day will be spent outside and in the kitchen and playing and laundry and giggles and family.

At the end of it all, my head will hit the pillow, and I’ll wonder where the day went. I’ll fall asleep satisfied and ready to be in school the next day.

How about you? How is your weekend one of restoration?

8 thoughts on “A Holiday

  1. Now it’s the end of this holiday and time to think forward to the week ahead. It was a day of rest for my husband and me after a weekend of chores and projects. Thanks for your good reflections and for helping us pause and think about what’s important on these non-routine days.


  2. Walking, talking and thinking – a great deal of planning to get week two up and running but mainly walking the lake and watching the sun come up and then walking the lake and watching it set. Now time to put words down from all that reflection time. Have a good week everyone!


  3. Took the last pontoon ride possibly for the season. All in the family are safe at home now, too. James is recovering, and we’ll take turns sitting with him for 2 weeks. Still enjoying the summer sun and flowers. I need to get up earlier and get more done during these warmer days! Enjoyed your morning activities.


  4. We were up early, to see our high school senior perform (tenor sax, marching band) in the local Labor Day parade! The rest of the day is low-key, at home time. I am striving hard this school year to honor my weekends as times of renewal/restoration, time for family. Your post was a lovely reminder that this is right!!


  5. I really could visualize your cozy house, with your cozy readers and blankets. I am up a little later than my usual 5:30, Dave didn’t wake me as he left for his Bible study with the guys and then off to ‘work’….don’t worry he gets plenty of time off. I’m writing emails to my missionary son-in-law with this vision I kind of was dreaming on and off again all night. This is it in a nutshell…’the children shall lead’. Now I’m going to get my Judson…week 2 class finished and like you, exercise…only I use the machine in the basement, safer for this accident prone 50 something. Then I’m working on my slice. Maybe I’ll get to Skype Ecquador and then have some hamburgers on the grill. Judson has school on Labor Day…isn’t that crazy….I’m tempted to go over there, but I won’t because of my great memories of this very important day. xo nanc


  6. What a nice post about renewal and reminding us to slow down from time to time to savor time with family. I am happy for you that you were able to have some time to yourself to write before the rest of your family was up and moving. It is also nice that you anticipate them waking up in waves so you can spend time with each independently.

    This has been a great weekend for the girls and I. We came to my parents before heading over to my sister’s for part of Saturday to celebrate my dad’s birthday and meet my new nephew. Right now my youngest is laughing while watching Nick Jr., waiting for her pancakes from Granny. Soon we will be heading home (2 hour drive) to spend some time with my husband. I will need to go to the school for just an hour or two since there was a little more I wanted to do Friday but didn’t in order to get going on the weekend. Other than that, we will be spending time together.


  7. Like you, I have been in school for three weeks, but it feels like tomorrow will be another first day. We had a hurricane break last week. All is well in my neck of the woods.
    I am up early. I tried to go back to sleep after my internal alarm went off at 5:30, but I couldn’t. So I am having a cup of coffee and reading email and blogs. I’ll take a walk with my dog soon.
    My children are grown, so they’ll be up late. Two of them are home, but will leave soon to go on with their lives. I love having them home, but I know their lives do not belong to me anymore.
    Thanks for giving us the space here to rest a little and think about what it is that refreshes us. I like that your day seems ordinary, but in the big picture, these are the best days. Cherish them.


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