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When I’m not here…

Why is it so much harder to blog in the summer than during the school year? It’s like when my to-do list decreases to 20 million things instead of 50 million things, I have a harder time remembering to blog.

It’s insane.

Tonight Christy Rush-Levine is partially to blame. She invited my family to visit her family’s lake house. Mary Helen can share some of the blame too because she also went for a visit. It was such a great night. Relaxing. Laughter. Time to slow down. It affirms to me the importance of taking time to rest.

Next month, Stacey and I decided to take a little vacation from the blog world. (She’ll be posting more about it later this week.) So here’s a little tip…take the time in July to check out Christy‘s and Mary Helen‘s blogs. Their archives are super. I promise it will be time well spent.

12 thoughts on “When I’m not here…

  1. I’m so glad that you had fun with, the girls! I’m also glad there you will have a break in the action….time to think…in your head and your heart. I’ve had trouble unwinding from the school year and the class I just taught for teachers also. Just think about all the stories you will be generating in those weeks. xo nanc


  2. Ditto to Deb and the others — I’m so relieved that I’m not the only one with this problem! I love when you post about your struggles, because it makes you seem more human, and I think, “oh good, there’s not something wrong with me”!


  3. Could it be the constant watering just to give all the plants a little drink? I started having this problem long ago of not being to sit down and write. There’s so much outside time now. I have ideas, but never make it to settle in and write it all down. I’ve had some great ideas. I did take notes though. Enjoy the summer–with or without rain! You guys have a great idea for taking a vacation–you need it!!! Maybe next year, all the regulars could have “their day” so to speak to write one post on Two Writing Teachers during the month of July of 2013.


  4. Happy Birthday today, Ruth, and enjoy your time with your favorite people. You will be restored, recharged and bursting to blog the latest and greatest when you return. I, too, take vacations from my blog.


  5. July is a great month for a vacation. Taking a break from the “normal” in our lives is a nice way to put focus on other things. I hope you are able to enjoy the time and I am sure it will help fill up your well with things to share when you come back to the blog world!


  6. I’m glad I am not the only one finding it harder to blog this summer! Enjoy your time with Christy (I’m envious–two of my favorite people in the same place!) and the month of July!


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