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31 Slices

31 Slices to Inspire (Created with PSE 9.0 + a slew of free fonts + Ali Edwards Memory Circle from Designer Digitals)

Does the thought of writing 31 slices in a row scare anyone? If it doesn’t now, about day 13 it will. So, I made a little list and fancied it up, because that’s what makes me happy, just for you. Here are 31 ideas to capture when you don’t know what to write about (or even when you do). I’m toying with the idea of sharing an idea for inspiration each day on Twitter through the month of March. Any interest?

(And, speaking of Twitter, we are using #slice2012 on tweets about Slice of Life Challenge.)

I answered all questions in the Nuts and Bolts post. Please, if you have any questions, any thoughts, any anything that is making you hesitant to join Slice of Life Story Challenge, feel free to leave a question in the comments.

A couple more resources…

  1. step-by-step list of how to connect your slice to the challenge hosted here.
  2. An article, “What Can You Learn from the Slice of Life Challenge,” on Choice Literacy. I thought you may enjoy reading it to add to your arsenal of ways-to-keep-going-even-when-it-gets-tough!
  3. Three more happy-wake-ups and the challenge begins! Are you ready?

14 thoughts on “31 Slices

  1. I love this collage of ideas and want to learn how to work creatively with my new MacBook, my very first Apple computer! I shared this with my 4th grade writers many of whom enjoy adding doodles and fancy fonts to their notebooks. You and Stacey continue to support the writers and their teacher in our classroom. Happy Slicing!


  2. it’s been on my mind that i want to get back to blogging, and doing so regularly. several posts get drafted in my head a day, lol. i think 31 slices just might be the kick i need to get it started! there is something special about this movement, you know. thanks to all for being out there 🙂


  3. I have gotten used to the rhythm of once a week. I am a bit freaked out about the upcoming 31 days. (Really only 27 of them freak me out as the other 4 are now part of my life.) The thing I have been wondering, for those who have taken on the month long challenge before – do you write everyday or do you put a couple of backups in draft, just in case? Thought?


  4. I love this! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to begin my challenge. Participating last year really helped to write about anything. Having a “prompt” of sorts will help on those days when nothing seems to be present in my mind. T-minus 2 days!


  5. I love the Twitter idea! I am still getting my feet wet with Twitter and this would be another excuse to splash about! Sort of like a challenge within a challenge (or the Inception of Slicing).

    I don’t feel ready, but I am excited!


  6. Thank you Ruth. I put in on my ideas page! I enjoyed the article from Choice Literacy. You are so right in that it’s such a good community, just like we want to create and work in within the classroom groups. Looking forward to March…


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