Slice of Life Story Challenge

Our Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge

Reminder: This is the last Tuesday-only SOLSC until April since THE FIFTH ANNUAL SLICE OF LIFE STORY CHALLENGE begins here in less than 48 hours. Looking forward to having all of our regular Tuesday Slicers + first-time Slicers on board for our month-long challenge.

Please link the Slice of Life Story you write today to this post by leaving a comment. Be sure to check out other bloggers’ writing by clicking through the links in the comment section of this post. Finally, if you read someone else’s writing, please leave a comment on their blog too.

58 thoughts on “Our Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge

    1. HI Kara,

      I’m having trouble leaving a comment on your blog through OpenID and even with my Google account. Any way you can open up comment moderation with your Blogger account to people who want to type in their name and URL? Just wondering.

      Anyway, here’s my comment:

      It’s as if you’re going to have slices from your kitchen. Looking forward to reading your recipes and learning more about your cooking journey on a daily basis. (I, too, have a little one at home.) Welcome!



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