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One thought on “Nananana! Leave a comment

  1. I especially like these ideas:

    Instead of telling kids what we want them to do, let’s show them possibilities for what they can do. M. Horn

    When we get anxious and think we have to ask a bunch of questions to get kids to talk we often mess things up. M. Horn

    The first one is why I do daily shared readings the way I do with my 8th graders. The second one is such a no-brainer, and yet it took me years to figure it out. If I shut up and just listen, I accomplish much more. I think it is the panic that we might not know what to do if we let listening guide us (which reminds me of the other statement about our own agendas getting in the way of the work we need to do with student writers).

    Thanks for sharing–these ideas are just as applicable to older writers as they are to our youngest writers!


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