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More All-Write Reflections

I know I’ve spent several posts talking about the All-Write Summer Institute. This is because it was BIG! Here are more thoughts and reflections from the 2011 Summer Institute. Unfortunately I’m afraid I’ve missed some. If so, please forgive me and leave the link to your reflection in the comments.

Perhaps you aren’t a blogger, but you did attend the Summer Institute. We would love to hear your reflection too. Use the comments to leave some of your thoughts. Reflections on learning are some of my favorite things to read. How has your thinking changed? What is sticking with you a week later? What can’t you wait to put into action when the new school year begins?

Mary Helen Gensch

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Mary Lee Hahn

Georgia Heard, Poetry, & Common Core Standards

Cris Tovani on Rigor/Hard

Tony Keefer

Affirmations are Powerful Stuff

Franki Sibberson

The Power of Twitter

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3 thoughts on “More All-Write Reflections Leave a comment

  1. I’ve had ideas bouncing around my head for the past week. I jotted down a whole big list of things to ponder and read more about. One thing that’s sticking with me was the enthusiasm and passion all of the speakers I saw brought to their presentations.

    It’s made me think about the way I teach, and about student engagement. Because it seemed to me that everybody at the institute was really engaged in what they were learning! I hope I can find more ways to kindle that kind of energy in my classroom next year.


  2. I attended All-Write and left a comment similar to this one at Mary Lee’s blog post about Cris Tovani…

    I enjoyed Cris immensely. In her session, Using Workshop Model to Assess and Differentiate,she said that her planning has changed the past two years…that when she plans her lessons, she now thinks about what she wants her STUDENTS to do…

    At first, I thought, ‘Well, of course.” But when I took time to reflect, I realized that I had always planned lessons around what I was going to do…what minilesson I was going to present…what I would be reading…and let that guide the lesson and ultimately lead what the students did in class that day/week.

    I was shocked!! I believe I am an effective teacher, yet this small change of thinking walloped my brain. I started thinking how a small modification in my planning could create a huge difference in the learning of my students.

    I am now going into next year with a renewed vision of planning. I will be thinking first about what I want the STUDENTS to do. What do I want the STUDENTS to read? What do I want the STUDENTS to write? What do I want the STUDENTS to produce? What concept do I want the STUDENTS to internalize? Only after I know the answer to these questions can I plan what I need to do in order to support that learning.

    It seems like a very simple shift to make…seems like that should have been a no-brainer from Year One of Teaching. But what a SHIFT in thinking. It has excited me about the upcoming year! I can’t wait to get planning!


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