More All-Write Reflections

I know I’ve spent several posts talking about the All-Write Summer Institute. This is because it was BIG! Here are more thoughts and reflections from the 2011 Summer Institute. Unfortunately I’m afraid I’ve missed some. If so, please forgive me and leave the link to your reflection in the comments.

Perhaps you aren’t a blogger, but you did attend the Summer Institute. We would love to hear your reflection too. Use the comments to leave some of your thoughts. Reflections on learning are some of my favorite things to read. How has your thinking changed? What is sticking with you a week later? What can’t you wait to put into action when the new school year begins?

Mary Helen Gensch

A Slice from All-Write Summer Institute

Mary Lee Hahn

Georgia Heard, Poetry, & Common Core Standards

Cris Tovani on Rigor/Hard

Tony Keefer

Affirmations are Powerful Stuff

Franki Sibberson

The Power of Twitter

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