Summer Writing Plans

I’ve been seeing a lot around the blog world and on Twitter about summer reading plans. I think it’s also important to help the writers in our classrooms think about their summer writing plans. Here are some ideas to encourage summer writing. I’m hoping you add to the list in the comments.

  • Help students think about where and when they will write. Is there a special place around their houses (either outside or inside) where they can see themselves writing? It’s also an important part of the plan to determine now when they will have time to write. With summer days it’s easy to lose track of time and miss out on prime writing opportunities. (At least it is for me!) Share with your students your summer writing plans. For instance, I know that I will blog first thing in the morning on the end of my couch. I also know I’ll work in my notebook before bed gathering ideas for my next story.
  • Ask students to make a list of writing projects. Lately each time I start a new notebook I’ve pushed myself to make a list called 25 Books I Could Write. It’s important we give students time to dream about possible writing projects.
  • I know funding is tight, but if it’s possible to send kids home with a new notebook, ream of paper, or set of colored pencils, I think this is a great way to encourage summer writing. Anytime I get a new notebook and pen I just can’t wait to start writing.
How about you? How are you going to encourage your students to continue their writing habits throughout the summer?