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EEK! Slice of Life Prizes!

Slice of Life 2011

My apologies to the recipients of giveaways for the Slice of Life March Challenge. As mind boggling as it is, I actually forgot about getting them out. (This is the reason Stacey handled the details of the prizes in previous years.) There is a reason, which has to do with really crummy internet service, but I’ll spare you the details. Instead, please forgive me and know that I am human and sometimes drop the ball. (Although I prefer to do it with things that aren’t quite so public!)

Emails have been sent to our generous donors and you should be receiving your prizes soon. As for the canvas, key chains, sari journal, and writer’s packs, I’ll be mailing those tomorrow.

And because I can’t seem to drop the ball gracefully, it is even more embarrassing that I never drew a recipient for the writer’s pack giveaway on March 15. So Erin MahollitzMagical Ms. M, send me an email and I’ll send a writer’s pack out to you. In addition, there were two more packs that I made, but never gave away. Instead of backtracking, I’ll give them away on the following two Slice of Life Tuesdays.

Finally, Emma Sue Baker and jodimahoney never sent an email with your mailing address to claim your prizes. So do it before Sunday, or else I’ll draw new winners for the Slice of Life key chain and two Stenhouse books.

You know, sometimes it’s not that fun being human. (No Mom, I’m not doing too much!)

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  1. Thanks Ruth, I look forward to seeing something in my mailbox. You are forgiven as you are human but with all you do I think you are amazingly super-human.


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