Monday Possibilities.

People grumble, growl, and roll their eyes when it comes to Mondays. Monday mornings are good fodder for jokes. However, I like to look at Monday as a day of possibilities. It is the opening day of a week waiting to unfold.

What did Monday offer you?

For me, I’m looking forward to understanding the Common Core Standards better. I’m anxious to return to a first grade classroom and document some of the growth. I can’t wait to interview a few second graders and gather their thoughts about writing celebrations.

I’ve been playing with my presentations for June and am excited to share them. I rehearse parts on my drive to and from work. I look forward to the words working together to inspire, teach, and connect teachers.

This week I’m relieved to meet with my writing group. It’s been too long — six weeks — and I can’t wait to hear about their writing work and share some of my own. As a fiction writer, I’m learning to cut backstory. This week is offering potential to revise in significant ways.

What expectations as a teacher, writer, person does this week hold for you?