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Keynotes On My Mind

The first time I attended a conference for teachers (I was in college), I attended a keynote speaker lunch. At the end of it, I told the people I was with, “Someday I hope I can give a keynote for teachers.”

I love keynotes. I love when I laugh and cry and get goosebumps. I love how my heart feels proud to be a part of this profession. And I love how I have a renewed energy for our work.

In January I was invited to give a keynote speech to a women’s group. It was titled: The Power of Ordinary Stories. I was excited because it combined my love of storytelling and writing with my faith. I was energized by the experience.

In June I’ll be giving a keynote speech to a group of teachers. I’ve been preparing for it for months, but just finished writing it last week. Approximately two hours before my hard drive bit the dust (which happened ten minutes prior to backing up my files). Yes, my luck is just that ironic. So I started rewriting it today.

It’s hard to write a keynote. Super hard. In fact, I think it is the hardest genre for me to write. Mostly because I put this huge amount of pressure on myself to get it right. I feel responsible for writing something inspirational and empowering. Then the perfectionist in me starts chattering and the whole thing gets to be really hard to write.

So I was sulking a little as I rewrote it today because it isn’t as good as it was before. The words aren’t wrapping around like I want them too. And I’m feeling a little less than inspired since it’s been a crummy computer day.

Then I stumbled across this little gem and just had to share it. A keynote from Kiersten White, YA author. I wish I could say it is inspiring me for my keynote. It’s not. It just makes me want to start over (again). It does make me believe in myself as a writer, though. I hope you take a minute to check it out.



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5 thoughts on “Keynotes On My Mind Leave a comment

  1. No need to worry about June! I am going to enjoy listening to you no matter what it is you talk about (this is my positive voice speaking, because I’m so sure I get to go)! And of course I am the only one that counts!
    You are an inspiration every day. Thank you for opening my world to slicing and writing.


  2. Thanks for sharing the link. I am inspired. Lately my bits of nothing seem meaningless, but I appreciated her comment that each of us has something to write that no one else can. Inspiring.
    Your keynote will be awesome. I ditto RM’s comment above. You inspire me and I know you will inspire others with your reflective thoughts.


  3. Loved the link–did you see her continuation today? It’s just as good and made me think of BONS.
    As for your keynote, I have no doubts–it’s going to rock, just like you!


  4. Hey, I know that goes. Actually sometimes I think when we rewrite it, it is better the second time. I have done something like this and it seemed at first that the second time wasn’t going to be as good, but it ended up being better. No I have not done a Keynote like this, but I have spoken at places. It’s been a while ago. I know that you ARE a writer and you build confidence in the rest of us, so it’s time we helped build it in you! I want to come hear you, but it doesn’t look like I’ll get to go. I’ll be thinking of you! Happy writing!


  5. Thank you for sharing the keynote from Kiersten. I am convinced that your keynote is going to be fabulous. You are a writer, you have the words, and you inspire people daily. The computer problem was just a trick of fate asking you to do one more revision.


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