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How Often Do You Celebrate Student Writing?

I know most of us relish in the small celebrations of student writing everyday. This happens when we use student work to teach a minilesson, give positive feedback during a conference, and give the opportunity for end of workshop share. However, I’m wondering how often do you give students an opportunity to celebrate their writing in a more formal writing celebration? Will you pretty-please-with-sprinkles-on-top take this poll?



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3 thoughts on “How Often Do You Celebrate Student Writing? Leave a comment

  1. I am embarrassed to say that I never have formal celebrations of student writing. Most of it is informal and often (embarrassed again to admit this) it is rushed. I struggle with the group sharing aspect of writing workshop as I struggle with publishing student work. Often my children are excited about publishing but run out of steam at what they need to do to publish a story. Still working on both as I think both are important. I have ideas but I need to shift my thinking on both and break habits that don’t work.


  2. One big and a bunch of mini ones make up our student celebrations. We published a class piece that came out simply gorgeous through iPhoto! Some parents are purchasing copies. I wish I could share with others the final product. Perhaps in May after I’ve finished my month of poetry writing exercises I can put up some of our pages on my blog. I made a promise to myself after the March SOL that I would continue daily poems for the month of April…so I can’t stop now!


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