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Sundays for the Soul: SOLSC Reflections

A special thank you to the writers who joined Slice of Life Story Challenge last month.

Here is a roundup of reflections from Slice of Life Story Challenge. Trust me, there’s not much better than this for your soul. (My apologies if I missed yours. If you wrote a reflection and it’s not on this list, pleasepleaseplease add it to the comments.)

One of the common themes throughout the reflections is the power of comments. Comments fuel writers. Please take the time to add some of your favorite slicers to your blogroll, GoogleReader, Delicious, or favorites in order to keep up with them throughout the year. And remember, even if you don’t know what to say in a comment, a simple note to let the writer know you are reading, their words aren’t lost in cyberspace is powerful.

Alan Wright (Living Life Twice)

Amanda Cornwell (ELA 101: Leading. Laughing. Learning)

Bree (The Things We Read)

C. S. Peterson (Prose Cents)

Carol (Carol’s Corner)

caroline524 (Writing from the Heart)

Carrie F. (Moving Down South…to Iowa)

Cathy (Becoming Cathy)

Christy (Read Write Inspire) and a second reflection about slicing with students

Deb Day (Coffee with Chloe)

Debbie Dean (Me Writing More)

Diana Martin (One Lit Coach)

Donna Smith (Mainely Write)

Elizabeth E. (Pen, Ink, Paper)

Elizabeth G. (Word by Word)

Emma Baker (Emma SueAlice)

grade4wizard (Just for a Month)

hey2blondie (English Teacher Party)

Jade (Shorts About My Shorty)

Juliann (Nurturing Creativity)

Kari Dyer (Sowing Seeds)

Katie (Adventure Life Travel)

Kevin Hodgson (Dogtrax)

Kim/Mommy K (Moore Family Fun)

Leah (Teacher Town)

Linda Baie (Teacher Dance)

Lynelle Snowbarger (Bohemian Teacher)

Magical Ms. M (Erin) (Teaching Mahollitz)

MaryHelen (Book Savors)

Megan (The Kohlmans)

Michelle (Literacy Zone)

Miss Moyer (Three Musings)

Mrs. V (In Search of Balance)

Natalee (Ars Longa — Vita Brevis)

Nicole Frederickson (Fred Free Press)

ng/Nora (Babylon Reader)

onesunflower (One Sunflower)

Ruth Ayres — me! (Two Writing Teachers)

Ruth Ferris (Windows to My Life)

the other ruth (Slices from the Sofa)

Stephanie (More Than I Should Bear)

Sue Price (Heart for Writing) and a second reflection about slicing with students.

Tam (Clay Fragments)

Tara (A Teaching Life)

tjkfirst (First Grade and Fence Posts)

Tracey (Walking the Dog)

Wanda Brown (My Electronic Notebook)

Ruth Ayres View All

Unhurried. Finding the magic in the middle of living. Capturing a life of ridiculous grace + raw stories.

13 thoughts on “Sundays for the Soul: SOLSC Reflections Leave a comment

  1. I wrote my reflections as comments on the drawing pages:

    I learned that while writing can come naturally on a regular basis, sometimes it doesn’t flow. On those days you need to write just to stay in the habit and to appreciate when it does flow. I also realized that in viewing things sometimes I miss the details of the day for the more philosophical ideas of life- I would like to be able to balance that more with memories of each day’s events.


  2. I simply agree. I didn’t realize the power of the comment until I received one myself! Wow, it is! Now i know and i plan to do all I can for my students as well! Thank you Ruth!


  3. “And remember, even if you don’t know what to say in a comment, a simple note to let the writer know you are reading, their words aren’t lost in cyberspace is powerful.” This is something I learned during this year’s SOLC that will stay with me. I think this is a nugget of wisdom that transfers into so many aspects of our lives.


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