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Sharing Student Slices

First — Kudos to everyone who is extending this challenge to their classrooms!

Second — the logistics of sharing your students Slices. If you have questions after reading this, please leave a comment. If you want to share students slices either:

  1. If students are blogging, have them link their posts to a post on YOUR blog, then share the link of YOUR blog on the daily Slice post.
  2. If students aren’t blogging, you can still share their Slices by either scanning or typing the student slice as a post on YOUR blog. Then share the link on the daily Slice post.
  3. If you are personally joining the challenge, keep YOUR slice in a separate post from your students’ slices.

Okay, here’s the really the important part. If your students are slicing and you share in the daily Slice post that’s ONE entry for the giveaways. Then when you share your personal slice that’s a SECOND entry for the giveaways. If you are slicing with students, you may leave two comments each day on the daily Slice post. It would be helpful if you identified the student Slices in the comments.

Does this make sense? If not — leave a comment. Thanks for your flexibility as we work out all the kinks.There’s a much bigger response to Slicing in the classroom than I expected. It would be great if we can connect our students to each other too. If you have better ideas, please email me using our online form.

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6 thoughts on “Sharing Student Slices Leave a comment

  1. Thanks for this help on the classroom slicing. Linking up is a pretty in-depth process for students and since my 7th graders may be doing some posting and linking on their own (outside of the classroom) I think mine will be a hybrid of linked slices and featured slices.

    As far as the comments, it sounds like we leave a comment with our personal slice and then a separate one with our student slices.

    Thanks again for all your help in directing us!


  2. My students are slicing for 10 – 15 minutes every day in their writer’s notebooks. I’ve told them they can submit their entry to me and I will post it to the SOL Challenge. I used the “other Ruth’s” poster regarding what is an SOL and I told the children I will revise it for our purposes – mostly the last section about where they will be slicing, etc. They were wondering if I could do that since another teacher had created it. I said that’s why she did that – to share. I hope that’s right. I also explained to my students that teachers were being offered gifts for posting a certain number of times during the month. So, I told my students that the top three posters in our class will get to choose a book from me. They liked that idea. I have some great pieces to share but first I need to get parental permission to post. More later.


    • Absolutely it’s okay to use what we post. It’s the reason we share! I’m glad you found it useful & I’m sure Ruth will too. 🙂 Happy slicing today.


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