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Library Friends (Ruth’s SOLS)

Library Friends

My mom (who comments as Quilt Addict) is a library director. She is also Mimi.  In her role as Mimi she keeps my son, Sam, while I’m at work. In her role as librarian, she works some afternoons. Inevitably these two roles collide, which makes for a little boy who loves the library . . . and Nancy.

Nancy is another librarian and a close family friend. Together, Nancy and Sam read books, build cardboard cities, and fly paper airplanes. They create cat toys, tease, and giggle. She teaches him to draw. He teaches her to use YouTube. They read more books.

“No, not yet,” Sam said when I arrived to take him home, “We are in the middle of this book.”

Nancy smiled and kept reading.

Their relationship has been built over books and years. Nancy takes the time to listen to him, read to him, and create with him. Some people wait a lifetime to have a friend like Nancy, yet Sam is one of the lucky ones. He has had this friend for a lifetime.

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  1. This is one of my favorite slices, Ruth. Friends for life
    is absolutely correct, but better than that are the memories Sam
    will have for life.


  2. Great slice! I must admit it took me a second to see beyond the cat in the photo! I’m intrigued by that – perhaps the details there will inspire another slice…


  3. Beautiful story/picture. And Sam will have these precious memories his whole life even if he doesn’t remember all the details–it will be instilled in him. And he will your blogs, too.


  4. That is really awesome how their relationship has been built through books! What a special relationship for Sam to have. –jee young


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