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OLW 2011

Ruth's 2011 OLW

My One Little Word finally found me. I’m looking forward to seeing the way it wraps itself around my world and changes me bit by bit. Already I’ve found it weaving its way into my life. I believe relationships should be at the heart of all we do. People matter and I’d like to be more intentional about connecting with others. As always, on the brink of a new year, I’m looking forward to the learning that will infuse my life as I focus on The Year of Connections.

For more information about One Little Word, check out this post by Ali Edwards.


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12 thoughts on “OLW 2011 Leave a comment

  1. What a lucky find – thanks, there are friends of mine that were just talking about this concept. I’ve been thinking about it for a week but haven’t figured out my word yet….mmm I’ll get there.


  2. This is fabulous! What a great way to begin a year – with just one powerful word.

    BTW, I would love to know what digital tool you use to create your picture images, such as this one. You also had a great one with your Intentions post.

    Thanks. I love your site.


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