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Many years ago I began making a list of intentions instead of resolutions for the new year. It is just a slight word change and yet it makes a difference in my mind. What do I intend for the new year? Here were my intentions for 2010.

Ruth's 2010 Intentions

Clearly with the new year on the brink, my 2011 intentions have been on my mind. This year I’ve been thinking about intentions in different areas of life, according to my roles:

  • What are my intentions as a mom?
  • What are my intentions as  a writer?
  • What are my intentions as a teacher?
  • What are my intentions as a writing coach?
  • What are my intentions as a friend?

The list goes on, but the bottom line is I’m considering my priorities and how I will spend my time in 2011. This coupled with my One Little Word helps me live an intentional and reflective life.

I’m still trusting a word will latch on to my heart for 2011. I’ve never been so near the end of the year without knowing what the next OLW will be. My previous words were: vitality, delight, give, genuine, grace.

How about you? What are your thoughts about goals for the new year? How are you planning to live your “one precious life?’


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9 thoughts on “Intentions. Leave a comment

  1. * As a mom I intend to be more playful with my daughter and to enjoy her.
    * As a wife I intend to be more affectionate towards my husband and to enjoy his company.
    * As a teacher I intend to not procrastinate with grading large assignments so that the end of the quarter doesn’t sneak up on me.
    * I intend to exercise weekly so that I will have energy to be playful, affectionate, and a non-procrastinator!


  2. Oh, I much prefer “intentions” to resolutions! Here’s my list:
    1. Move out of the comfort of my classroom and into the larger teaching community.
    2. Take chances with technology in my teaching.
    3. Ruminate less and just write more.


  3. Intentions…aww, the power of one little word. I like it a whole lot better than resolution!

    My intentions for 2011 are:

    •As a mom, to be more mommy and less teacher-y and spend more “fun” time with my daughters.
    •As a writer, to write every day for at least 30min a day and be more reflective about my day.
    •As a teacher, to be a little less involved so that I can do a better job with my writing club and the library and learn to say NO more often!


  4. I am currently thinking through my OLW…are there any limitations as to what it can or can’t be? Can it be a verb? Does it have to be specific?

    Regardless, I am so super excited to update my 10 for 10 and then compose something for 2011.

    Thanks for the challenge!


  5. I like that, intentions!
    My 2011 intentions include:
    1. Watching carefully to see what new slings and arrows will attack the poor and what can I do to support them with charity.
    2. Focusing on the Teacher’s movement to demand respect for public school, all classroom teachers, fighting against the privatization of education with that ridiculous focus on test results.
    3. Working alongside wonderful teachers in the Hudson Valley Writing Project and hoping it will exist beyond 2011,but who knows as the Congress moves Right.
    And I intend to be kind to my family and breathe in the joys of this wonderful life I’m so grateful for.
    Wow that was more than I expected to offer when I stopped by Ruth and I do intend to continue to keep sharing and learning with and from you and Stacey


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