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The Eve of the Eve of the . . .

Hannah, my oldest daughter woke up this morning and said:

Today is the eve of the eve of Christmas eve.

I paused and counted the days back from Friday, smiled and said, “Yes, you’re right, it is.”

“Well, then, I think today deserves a celebration,” she smiled at me.

It is this excitement I want to bottle up and keep. Not just during Christmas, but all year long. I’ve been thinking a lot this month about a zest for living. The simple excitement that little things can bring. Relishing the small joys throughout the day; throughout the hour. I’m afraid I’m missing too much because I’m busy.

This month I quit writing on big projects. At the beginning of the month I felt a little lost, but I stuck to my promise to not work on long-term writing projects. Instead I’ve documented more of my family stories, and I’m working on a keynote address called “The Power of Ordinary Stories” that I will deliver in January. Mostly I’ve reflected on the season, looking back over Christmas photos from the past and connecting them to the life I’m living today. Here is one I came across recently, circa 1979:

A little decorating

And here is a story I documented:

So all of this to say I’m still thinking about my OLW for 2011. I’m not sure what it is going to be. I have a few ideas floating in the air but none have attached themselves to my heart yet. Are you still thinking about your OLW or have you decided? Remember to check out Ali Edward’s site for more ideas and inspiration for OLW.



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  1. I am currently reading The Happiness Project. The chapter I am reading right now is talking about enjoying life and she was addressing family traditios and it talked about a Pirate Dinner…thought of you. They covered the table entirely in newspaper and then ate their dinner – no plates, napkins, or utensils. Just their hands.

    And yes, I think I have my word…excited about it. I also need to reflect back on my 10 for 10 and get ready for the next round. It actually makes me excited for the new year!

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us here!


  2. “Relishing the small joys throughout the day; throughout the hour. I’m afraid I’m missing too much because I’m busy.”
    This is powerful Ruth. I felt myself nodding as I read it because I’ve been afraid of the same thing often in the past year or so. Love that you are taking time away from big projects to spend time on the most important “project” in your life.
    Also love the glimpse into your scrapbook!


  3. And that is why having precious children is what makes Christmas so magical! Enjoy your time with your family during the Christmas break. You deserve it! Merry Christmas!


  4. My 9 year old son had the same The Eve of the Eve, comment this morning. Sadly, he had to explain it to me twice, I was still drinking my first cup of coffee:) Merry Christmas


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