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Thinking About Others

Most schools in this area are on break. However, my daughters’ school is not one of them. They continue to go to school through Wednesday. Today I volunteered in my first grade daughter’s classroom. If you are lacking a little spirit this holiday season, then you should volunteer in a first grade classroom too. 🙂 Among all of the giggles and excitement, I realized how easy it is to feel stressed this time of year. There is just so-much-to-do.  But it’s not the doing that matters.

This afternoon my oldest daughter brought a note home about a boy in her class. His family lost their home in a house fire last weekend. I can’t even imagine the stress (on top of the loss and grief and frustration) this family feels. Unfortunately it gives me a little perspective.

No matter how overwhelmed I am,  I must remember that life is good. It is frantic and chaotic and a little busy at times, but this is part of what makes it perfect. This holiday season I’m accepting the imperfection and rejoicing in the life in my house.

4 thoughts on “Thinking About Others

  1. Thank you for reminding us to take time to think about the blessings of an imperfect life and the gifts we’ve all been given.
    I also love your advice about spending time in a first grade classroom this time of year–my students were certainly full of spirit yesterday!


  2. Thanks, Ruth. I’m struggling to find the “Christmas spirit” this year and it does help to put things in perspective. Now I’m wishing I had time to volunteer at school today or tomorrow!


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