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NCTE: A Very Brief Reflection




Can’t wait to talk with Andy.

But first, a very brief reflection of NCTE. I promise more will come. Still, in a word, this is what I’m taking away from NCTE 2010:


Yes, joy. I am joyful for the privileged work I get to do each day. I’m joyful to write alongside students, allowing my love for weaving words to infuse their hearts. I’m joyful for the opportunity of their stories, teachers’ stories, and your stories to make my life richer. I’m joyful for the simplicity of our work. I’m joyful because of the people I’ve spent the last few days with who have stretched my thinking.

Most importantly, though, I’m taking away from NCTE 2010 a determined spirit to not allow others to steal my joy.

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  1. Your joy in what you do inspires many. I am so excited by what you are taking from your NCTE experience and can’t wait to hear more about it.
    Have been reading your brilliant book in bits and pieces and am highly recommending it to others. Bravo!


  2. Ditto that. Today I told my senior Mass Media students that we were going to focus more on the positive reactions to their films and that we were putting the joy back into screening. I’ve been thinking about this idea since NCTE. If my students aren’t finding some sort of social or intellectual worth in what we are doing, then what are they really getting from my writing workshop?


  3. Thank you for your inspiring words!! What a great reminder of the joy there is within this work we do, and the discouragement that muffles the joy comes when we allow others to “steal” it. What we get to do–work alongside teachers and students as they tell their stories, view themselves as writers, and develop their craft, is such a blessing and privilege.

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


  4. I saw your book when I stole my way into the vendor’s fair and saw I had missed you two at the book by a few hours. I hope it went well. Your book looks fantastic, by the way. I hope to get myself a copy in the coming weeks.


  5. That last quote of yours is so meaningful to me, especially today. I may just go tattoo it on my arm or forehead. Or at least post it on my blog or Facebook; credited to you, of course.

    Have a wonderful holiday, both of you!


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