We’re Making Books!

Whenever I have the privilege of being in a kindergarten classroom, I’m fairly certain I missed my calling in life. Today was no exception.

I am a believer in making stuff in writing workshop. I picked this term up from Katie Ray. It just makes sense. Writers make stuff and writing workshop should be no different. Therefore, from the very beginning I prefer to introduce young writers to books.

Asking students to make books also opens the choice for genre. I’m not asking students to write a story, but to make a book. Their book could teach readers something, their book could be a list book, their book could be a story.

When I introduced books today, the kindergarteners cheered. Literally, they clapped. And I smiled. Then they wrote with purpose and energy. During the share session, Drew shared about checking to make sure you’ve filled all of the pages before saying, “I’m done!” Jayden shared how she noticed the author’s name goes on the front of the book. Everyone added their names to the front of their books.

There was joy in workshop today. Even though some pages didn’t have pictures, and some people had arms and legs coming out of their heads, and some books weren’t on topic, writing workshop was successful.

These five and six-year olds left feeling like writers and were happy about it.

Updated: Here’s a video of the lesson from today. Sorry — I still haven’t received a release form for parents to give me permission to post students.