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Ruth’s SOLS: First Day Minilesson — What is Writing Workshop?

Here’s a little Slice of Life from the first student day. As a coach, the first day is one of the days I miss the most about being a classroom teacher. Thankfully,  Christi Overman (she blogs during the school year only, so you’ll want to check back regularly on Chocolate for Teachers) invited me to join her class as they kicked off writing workshop. She also graciously agreed to let me share her first minilesson of the year. If you’re wondering how to kick off writing workshop, this is one idea.

PS — Don’t hesitate to leave a comment for Christi!

10 thoughts on “Ruth’s SOLS: First Day Minilesson — What is Writing Workshop?

  1. Thanks so much for the comments everyone. 🙂 It took a bit of courage to post it, so your comments give us the fuel to try it again with another lesson. (This week Christi & I have been having a ball with the video camera . . . although if we continue, I think I’ll have to bring in my “real” camera as opposed to the iPhone!)

    I would love to show you the kids . . . yesterday, Christi & I got some cool footage of storytelling; however, I don’t have permission to post kids. The tech department at my school (which ROCKS, btw) is working on a form to send home to parents in order to get the needed permission. Until then I’ll be creatively editing to remove kids from the videos.

    I’m learning as I go with movie-making, so it takes a little bit of time and lots of trial & error. I’m hoping to figure out how to keep the audio from the videos & remove the picture so you can at least hear the kids.

    As far as whether they wrote on day one: the short answer is no. However, there is a much longer, more complete answer to this question which I will blog as a post later.


  2. Seeing video is so powerful. Wonderful example of first day mini-lesson. Kudos to Christi for the wonderful lesson and Ruth for thinking about this.


  3. Thanks for sharing! Great intro. to WW! I too was wondering if they actually wrote something. Perhaps a notebook entry?? Or would you wait to intro the Writer’s Notebook on another day? ~Theresa


  4. Christi’s tone is great. She sets up the predictable framework of WW from day one, which is extremely important. Yea!
    Did the kids get to do any writing on the first day of school?


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