Fall Into Books with Your Students This Fall

Up until last week, if you had asked me what book I’d recommend you read to your students to get them excited about Reading Workshop (Yes, Reading Workshop.  I know, I know, this is a blog about Writing Workshop, but sometimes we have to write about reading!), I’d suggest Wolf by Becky Bloom.  Sure there are lots of books that contain characters who love to read, but Wolf is the first one that would have come to mind as a good book to read to your elementary school class during the first week of school.

A new book, Dog Loves Books, found its way into my hands, and my heart, last week thanks to a review copy I received from Random House.  This picture book, written by  Louise Yates, is about a dog who LOVES books.  He can spend hours reading books, which means that he shuts of everything and everyone else in the world and gets completely lost in the books he reads.  This is a luxury he has because he has his own bookstore, which at first isn’t frequented by any customers.  However, as time passes, a real customer comes in and asks Dog for a book recommendation.  Because he is well-read and enthusiastic about reading, Dog knows exactly which books to recommend to her.

This book allows children to realize that books can take them to new places and on adventures they may not be able to have in their real lives.  Dog Loves Books also helps children realize the power and importance of knowing books well so they’re able to give recommendations to others since one of the most amazing things about reading is sharing beloved books with other people.

Whether you want to introduce reading partnerships or a book recommendation system to your students, Dog Loves Books is an excellent read aloud to use in your classroom to get your students excited about reading and sharing books with each other.

Please leave a comment about the book(s) you use to inspire your students to get into reading during the first weeks of the school year. Be sure to leave the title, author, and any accompanying activities you do with your class in your comment.  🙂