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Let Freedom Ring

Here in the States we are coming out of a holiday weekend, so I thought it could inspire today’s post.  As we’ve celebrated Independence Day, I’ve been thinking about how with freedom comes responsibility. This transfers to writing workshop. If you follow along regularly, then you know choice has been on my mind a lot lately. Part of offering students as much choice as possible in regards to being a writer comes responsibility. Creating an environment where students accept responsibility for their decisions is a crucial part of establishing a writing workshop filled with choice. What are some ways you will empower students to be responsible?

For me, there was another celebration this weekend — my husband and I celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary. This makes me think about writing workshop too. Writing workshop is much like a marriage. There are rocky times and smooth times; fun times and tough times, but most importantly there is a commitment. And just like a marriage, it is important to renew our  commitment to writing workshop teaching from time to time. Take a moment to take some time to remember why you believe in writing workshop. You can even write a love note . . . for Andy, I listed 11 moments from our marriage that I love to remember. How about you? What are the moments in writing workshop that keep you going no matter what?

And a little update on my summer reading . . .

I’ve read 19 books and have been faithful in documenting my learning about writing young adult fiction. I’m excited to put together a special post in regards to your questions about the notebook I’m keeping. Happy reading.

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  1. I look forward to hearing more about your notebook. That sounds interesting. It is always fun to delve deeper into a topic or explore a topic more.

    At the Boothbay Literacy Retreat Kylene Beers and Robert Probst were talking about one of their resources that should be coming out early next year. They read and looked for a lot of trends in middle grades/YA literature. When it comes out, I bet you would be interested in it. I loved the preview of what is to come that they gave us.


  2. You’ve already read 19 books this summer? My gosh, you’re putting us all to shame! (Good for you though!)

    BTW: You should have received two more “required reading” books in the mail last week. LMK if you didn’t b/c something’s wrong (if you didn’t).


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