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OLW (One Little Word) Update.

Ruth's OLW '10: (Credits: A. Aspnes: Curvy Corner Stitched Blocks no. 1; K. Pertiet Messy Stamped Alpha No. 3; Font: Veteran's Typewriter; Photo Mine)

Sometimes it’s important to take a deep breath and re-evaluate. Isn’t that what part of vacation is about? I know several TWT readers also participate in One Little Word, so I’d like to encourage you to spend some time thinking about your word and how it relates to your year so far.

Every year I learn something unexpected about the word I chose. In the first quarter of 2010, I’ve learned vitality is influenced by my state of mind. Part of the definition of vitality is: the state of having abundant energy. I thought I’d be learning about being physically fit, eating healthy, and sleeping regular hours. Surprisingly, vitality is requiring me to take a good look at my attitude.

Much of the power of enduring is my state of mind. I can choose to have energy. I can choose to be lively. I can choose vitality.

How ’bout you? What is your OLW teaching you this year?



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  1. Based on events of the past few days, my OLW is definitely SUPPORT! Support encourages one to continue on, knowing there will be someone there to catch you and move you forward! Without it, “we all fall down!”


  2. My OLW is AWARENESS. I am striving to be aware of myself in the classroom: of what I do and what I say as I interact with my students. (A favorite book is Choice Words by Peter H. Johnston.) I work to be aware of my students and how they are letting me know in ways, both subtle and not-so-subtle, who they are. And I strive to be aware of the possibility for joy and learning in so many moments that arise each day.


  3. My OLW is EXPLORE. This spring I’ve found myself looking closely at the way I handle certain things. I’ve also been exploring options for moving back to my home state.


  4. My word is Excel, not like the spreadsheet, but like doing the very best at everything I do. When I try and excel in my work as an online teacher, it sometimes takes out of my time with family, so I think I might like the word balance better.


  5. My OLW for this year is RELAX. To me, this is about setting aside time for myself and my interests outside of teaching. Also, I need to keep a relaxed mind. I sometimes get overwhelmed in my thoughts and that is not good for my students or my family.

    Thanks for reminding me of my commitment to relaxation!


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