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Good Bye March (Ruth’s SOLS 31/31)

March you whirled around and around.
March you spent hours on the computer, more than you like, but somehow still not enough.
March you stayed home, enjoying the grey days almost as much as the sunny ones.
March you held chaos and solitude, stress and delight, tears and giggles all within your arms.
March you savored the ordinary moments that make up everyday.
March you completed more than twenty-five loads of laundry.
March you enjoyed bike rides, movies, and coloring.
March you made me a better person.
Thank you March.

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Unhurried. Finding the magic in the middle of living. Capturing a life of ridiculous grace + raw stories.

7 thoughts on “Good Bye March (Ruth’s SOLS 31/31) Leave a comment

  1. I love how you personified March and made it live. This poem inspires me to notice April and all it has to offer and then write my own April reflection.

    Thanks for the challenge this month. I have learned much, have been refreshed, and am excited to continue my blog!


  2. Ruth, a creative look on March. I love it. I’m going to try it out. I think my favorite LOL was the line of ‘more than twenty-five loads of laundry’. I do think I out do you, especially with baseball season on the go and bigger kids. I think I’ll have to write a SOL on laundry.
    Thanks again for the challenge. It’s helped me immensely.


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