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Photos Galore! (Ruth’s SOLSC 26/31)

One of the things I’ve fallen behind on due to writing the book is processing my photos. I have a little system I go through to get from camera to prints (to scrapbooking) and it’s been shoved to the back burner time and time again.

Tonight I decided to catch up. Well, maybe not catch up, but make a good faith effort to get through as many as possible.

I take a lot of photos. I delete a lot of photos. I’ve decided to limit the number of photos I upload to Winkflash and print. So for each monthly folder of photos (all the ones that make the cut), I also have a print folder for the month. My goal is to only print 30 photos per month. I don’t usually attain this goal.

So tonight I’ve plowed my way through —

  • December: 437 keepers; 124 prints
  • January: 317 keepers; 54 prints
  • February: 86 keepers; 25 prints.

I’m reminded why it is my goal to do this twice a month. However, I’m also reminded of what a full life we’ve been living these past few months. No wonder it feels like a blur — there’s been a lot happening. I’m thankful I’ve documented it through photos + words. It is this practice of documentation that makes life so much sweeter now and so much richer later.

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  1. This past year I have been able to scrapbook more than ever and have been feeling like I am almost caught up (at least to a more reasonable point). I am worried about how scrapbooking is one of the things that will probably have to be on the back burner once again as I start my doctoral courses. I will have to savor the summer and take some days to enjoy scrapbooking while I can!


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