Good Night (Ruth’s SOLS 24/31)

(Since it’s nearing the end of the month, I’m pushing myself to collect ordinary Slices that represent my daily life.)

It goes like this:

Good Night Sam

Here’s a keep-you-forever-hug, Momma.

He hugs me tight, tighter, and then some more.

You’re the best Momma ever. I love you.

He snuggles in, then pops up

Can I read some books? Just for a minute?


Sure, for a few minutes.

Ohhhh, thank you!

I love you, Mom.

Good Night Stephanie

She wraps both arms around my neck and squeezes

Then kisses me

And squeezes some more.

It was a good day, Mom.

Another hug.

Will you hand me some books?

Sure, tomorrow will be a good day too.

I know.

I love you, Mom.

Good Night Hannah-Bear.

A huge smile, just for me.

She tells me about her book.

I love reading, she says,

Especially before bed.

It’s the best time to read, isn’t it Mom?

Yes, it is.

She hugs me and I hold her for a minute.

I love you Mom.