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Yipee! (Ruth’s SOLS 8/31)

All three of the kids were together as we were talking about the day’s plans. “So tonight I won’t be home. I have a hair appointment, then I’m going out to dinner with some friends.”

They all nodded.

“That means you’ll be hanging out with Dad all night.”

They all burst into cheers. Serious cheers — clapping, whooping, and grinning cheers.

I tried not to be offended. “Why does that make you so happy?”

“Because he’ll make pancakes,” Hannah said.

“And they’ll be green,” Steph added.

“With chocolate chips,” the little guy finished.

There you have it. Green pancakes with chocolate chips will steal their hearts.

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  1. My dad used to put chocolate chips in the waffles. A favorite. Lucky you to escape. Lucky kids to have such a cool dad. Win-win?



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