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Living the Life of a Writer

As I’ve been Slicing this month, I’ve been noticing the way my life as a writer changes as I’ve been on the lookout for stories. As my writing about professional-content has increased these past few months, my writing about my personal life has decreased. So far this month I’ve collected personal stories for The Challenge. Here are some things I’ve noticed about living the life of a writer:

  • When writing is part of my routine, the stories ideas seem to drop out of the sky. I’ve been reminded of this as I’ve written more personally for the last week. I was out of the habit of collecting stories from my family life, so as I’ve made myself more aware of my living, the story ideas abound. The same is true when I write professionally. On days I know I’m going to blog, I’m more aware and sensitive to potential ideas for posts.
  • As I read other Slicers’ work, stories to my kids, professional books, and my current mystery, I’m looking for ideas of things to try as a writer. Although this is my nature while reading, by writing daily I’m able to apply some of the techniques I’m noticing. Once we try something out, it is more likely to become part of our repertoire & we will do it again and again becoming more proficient.
  • I find the same struggle as I always find — making time to sit down in front of the computer and actually write. This seems to be my biggest obstacle to writing: sitting-in-seat-with-laptop time.
  • I find joy in collecting Slices for the mere pleasure of writing. I find myself writing for me and I like it. I like that my audience for Slices is ME.
  • On the flip side of the same token, I love how my words affect others. The comments warm my heart.

What are you learning about living as a writer?

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4 thoughts on “Living the Life of a Writer Leave a comment

  1. Living the life of a writer….

    I was unsure if I was truly up for this challenge.
    But it has been a very good thing for me.
    I have found something to write about each day. Never been stuck! I am amazed~

    I resonated with all of your insights.


  2. I’ve had many of these same reflections as I’ve been participating in your challenge. Writing daily has created the feeling of a “constant state of composition.’ Such a powerful reminder that students should write every single day!


  3. Ruth, I have also enjoyed living like a writer every day. You mentioned that by writing every day “stories seem to drop out of the sky.” I have also noticed that since I am participating in the challenge each day as moments pass I think about all the different possibilities for topics that I would not have necessarily thought to document without the challenge.

    For each post there are so many other possibilities. What I need to get in the habit of doing now is to start listing the topics I don’t choose for later ideas, just as I encourage my students to do in their own WNs.


  4. I love the reflective nature of writing and thinking and just letting a story appear, sometimes when you least expect it and while you are more focused on your writing as a professional I have been more focused on maintaining this daily challenge now in my second year of writing to a photo/image. Not being in a classroom is still a different experience for me. Although my professional life has taken on different challenges with our writing project but it is so great to reconnect daily with connected writing friends.
    Love the Slices in March..


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