Pressing On.

Sometimes I find my resilience cracking when it comes to standing up for meaningful, authentic instruction.  I get tired of being judged and questioned and badgered.  Thankfully I’m surrounded by people who encourage me even during the rough patches.  Not just in this online community, but also in the real world.  One (of the many) who encourage me in my day to day life is another coach.  She has been sharing with me books, stories, articles, and videos which renew my resolve to continue standing up for meaningful literacy instruction.

Recently she gave me an article from Phi Delta Kappan by Steven Wolk.  In “Why Go To School?” he concludes:

“Why go to school?  We can no longer tinker with a broken and inhuman paradigm of schooling.  We must stop schooling our children as if they were products and reclaim our schools as sacred places for human beings.  We must rethink our classrooms as vibrant spaces that awaken consciousness to the world, open minds to the problems of our human condition, inspire wonder, and help people to lead personally fulfilling lives.  If our democracy is to thrive, our schools must change into these exciting spaces.  Otherwise, we will not be a democracy “of the people,” but a corporate nation of workers, TV viewers, and shoppers.  As professional educators, it is our responsibility to challenge our curricula and to create schools that are personally and socially transformative.  That’s why we should go to school” (658).

She also shared with me this video, The Heart of a Teacher, which includes a poem by Paula Fox coupled with music and images.  May your heart be warmed tonight and you find the wherewithal to continue to press on.