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Write What Matters Most.

It’s getting late.  I’m tired.  A blog post is required before I go to bed.  Although I have a list of possibilities, I don’t have the energy for them.  Not tonight.  Tonight I simply want to take Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith’s advice: 

There’s nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.

One of my favorite kinds of entries, the kind that often gets at the heart of things, is a list with the repeating line: Today I . . .

  • Today I spent most of my day with teams of teachers, my state standards book, and engaging conversations.
  • Today I spent time swinging . . . not just pushing others on a swing, but actually swinging myself.  High and fast.  I soon remembered how I don’t like swinging high and fast.  By contrast, one of my current favorites is pushing a three, five, and eight year old high and fast on a swing.
  • Today I rushed dinner.  We shoveled broccoli and pizza down our throats and took bananas to-go.
  • Today I was on the opposite side of the table for parent-teacher conferences.
  • Today I fell in love all over again with my husband when he responded to an explanation about the importance of students’ experiencing questions that are similar to those on the state test with: “More important than preparing her for standardized tests, is this is the type of problem she will face in the real-world.”
  • Today I listened and listened more.  I was blessed by the stories I heard.
  • Today I ate a Honeycrisp Apple.  It was delightful.
  • Today I treasured the warm air, crisp blue sky, and smell of October.
  • Today I dedicate myself to remembering the small details of the day which are the most important.

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  1. Oh Ruth,
    I love this post. It shows that writing can show us what matters, even when when we think we are too tired write! You move from the mundane to the numinous and pick up steam the whole way. Thanks!


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