Here’s to Writing Workshop!

Today Tony Miller and his third grade class invited me to celebrate with them the publication of their first pieces.  (Although we considered this the launch unit, it was actually the third unit of study, following Oral Storytelling and Launching Writing Notebooks.)  It was a perfect celebration.

We started in the traditional way, meeting in the meeting area for the minilesson.  I shared with them about how when writers gather to celebrate they often spend time reflecting on their growth as writers, so we would do the same thing today.  Then we would make our writing public by hanging the published writing in the hallway.  Finally, like all great celebrations, it would end with a toast.

They went off to work on their reflections.  Clicky here to see it on Scribd.

Then they hung their work in the hallway.

Finally, we passed out glasses of apple juice.  Tony revealed a “Congratulations Writers” banner on the SmartBoard, he raised his glass and proceeded to toast his third graders in honor of becoming writers together.  As he was speaking, I wished I had my video camera (or simply a camera at the very least!).  Tony invited us to raise our glasses, “To Writing Workshop!” we toasted together.  Then Tony opened the floor to anyone who wanted to stand and toast.

“I’m proud of myself, but I’m even more proud that we all did this together!”

“I’m glad we have Writing Workshop.”

“I’m proud of all of us for publishing.”

“Our writing looks nice out on the board, we all did a good job.”

Student after student stood and voiced their joy of writing and their pride of being a writer.”

It was a good day in Writing Workshop today.  It’s going to be a good year in Writing Workshop in Tony’s classroom.