A Peek Into My Notebook

In this (too-long) video, I share a peek into my notebook.  I’m not sure what happened, though, because when I prepared it for the Internet, the final letter was dropped from many of my titles.  Considering I’m brand new at this, I decided to still post it and beg for advice from some of you who are experts in this genre.  So . . . any ideas why the final letters were dropped from my titles?  Click here for the video via YouTube.

Little did I know when I first started keeping a writer’s notebook what a treasure it would become. The longer that I keep a notebook, each time I use them with students, and as my learning about them deepens, the more convinced I am of their power. When the everyday moments of life are documented, connections emerge and meaning is found. My notebooks add an unexpected richness to life. It is a gift I want to give to students as well. Not only do notebooks help us find meaning in life, but they also prepare us to learn to become stronger writers. Keeping a notebook is a habit to develop, a state of mind to adopt. Here are a few ways I collect bits of my life.