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A Peek Into My Notebook

In this (too-long) video, I share a peek into my notebook.  I’m not sure what happened, though, because when I prepared it for the Internet, the final letter was dropped from many of my titles.  Considering I’m brand new at this, I decided to still post it and beg for advice from some of you who are experts in this genre.  So . . . any ideas why the final letters were dropped from my titles?  Click here for the video via YouTube.

Little did I know when I first started keeping a writer’s notebook what a treasure it would become. The longer that I keep a notebook, each time I use them with students, and as my learning about them deepens, the more convinced I am of their power. When the everyday moments of life are documented, connections emerge and meaning is found. My notebooks add an unexpected richness to life. It is a gift I want to give to students as well. Not only do notebooks help us find meaning in life, but they also prepare us to learn to become stronger writers. Keeping a notebook is a habit to develop, a state of mind to adopt. Here are a few ways I collect bits of my life.

11 thoughts on “A Peek Into My Notebook

  1. Your video is fantastic! I love it and would like to show this to teachers that I am working with on writing workshop. They don’t get it, this will help. Thanks for sharing and don’t move it, I have a feeling I will be coming back again and again to show teachers the great possibilities in a writer’s notebook.


  2. Thank you SO, SO, MUCH for sharing this! I showed it to my 7th graders today. Several of them are really catching the idea of the writer’s notebook and it was fun to show them yours to help them have an even better idea of the freedom that they can take with their notebooks.

    We loved the music and it was not at all too long!


  3. Can you remind me where the charts are lifting items from the notebooks. I have seen them and can’t for the life of me remember where I saw them.


  4. wonderful peek into the notebook—so clever! i wonder, is there a way to see a still of each page? some ideas are great–would love to use them with my studetns, but need to see the page. can you share/post picts of entry?
    …really inspiring to see how meaningful notebooks can be…


  5. Hey Ruth,

    I love the video. Very cute. Did you actually use YouTube to make the video? I’m wondering because I’d love to link to it from our class blog so the kids can see it, but our district has YouTube blocked.


  6. Wow, Ruth! I absolutely loved seeing this. I don’t have experience with You Tube either, so I don’t have any tips on the titles.

    I am planning on sharing this with my students. I told you about how I adapted the charts you posted earlier, but this will be great for them to actually see that list come alive. It provides a lot of inspiration for me, as it will for my students.

    Thanks again!


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