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Anecdotal Writing = Slice of Life Writing

Link your Slice of Life Story to the comments section of this post.  Happy Writing!
Please link your Slice of Life Story to this post by leaving a comment on this post. Happy Writing!

I’m presently working on a PowerPoint Presentation for an interactive workshop I’m leading at next Thursday’s WordFest 2009: A Celebration of Writing, which is sponsored by the Capital Area Writing Project.  My workshop is entitled “Well-Chosen Words About Slices of Real Life.”  The session description is:

Help your students find the beauty in their everyday lives by opening up your notebook and sharing your own writing with them.  In this section, we’ll write anecdotes or short, well-written stories about our own lives.   We’ll take time to confer with each other about our writing and will discuss ways to infuse this type of writing into the classroom or the writer’s notebook on a daily basis.   Finally, participants will have an opportunity to share their work with their colleagues.

I’m eager to share some recent slices with the folks who attend my session. If you have any Slices of Life you’d be willing to let me share in my session, please shoot me an email and let me know the links to them.  (It might be neat to share some adult writing, other than my own, with the teachers who attend next week.)

7 thoughts on “Anecdotal Writing = Slice of Life Writing

  1. Ok, so I modeled a peer conference today with the story I linked too above. The kids were great! They gave me so much feedback. Needless to say, I’ll be improving my previously posted story and giving myself a little pat on the back for getting my students to be such critical readers!

    Stacey, you are welcome to any writing posted on my blog for your presentation.


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