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Create a Poetry Collection.

So you know those cheapie photo albums — the plastic ones that sell for a buck?  I think they are perfect for publishing writing.  There’s about 32 pages in one & 4 x 6 index cards would fit into each sleeve.  This makes it handy for kids to write their words on a page + by using a blank card, they would be able to add photos.   The covers pull out and could be replace with custom covers.

For my poem a day challenge, I simply used a 4 x 6 text box and typed my poem each day.  A bit of embellishments & then I printed.  I slipped them into the photos sleeves and quickly had a published book of poems. 

I think the possibilities are endless for these little photo albums.  How about you?

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  1. My ideas for next year for using these notebooks…thinking off the top of my head…

    – keep track of alliteration tongue twisters the students write.
    – vocabulary word cards
    – small moment/any story books
    – for a guest teacher…letting them know about each student…
    – for a guest teacher…explaining the classroom and procedures

    CANNOT WAIT to have the students put their poems in them next week for our class anthology…woo hoo! Thanks for being willing to share your idea with us…that what makes teaching so great!


  2. This is great. I love your slideshow example.

    I sometimes use those little albums to mock up my pb manuscripts. Seeing a story in a “book” version gives me a better feel for where the story arc is working and where it’s not.

    When my kids were younger, we would sometimes write stories together, and then I’d have them draw pictures for the stories on 4×6 cards. The cards went easily into the albums as the story illustrations. It made for a fun shared project.

    Truly, you’re right — the possibilities for those mini-albums are endless!


  3. Ruth, your poems were such a joy to read at the end of a busy week. I can’t even pick out a favorite poem — they are all so wonderful! And…the photo album idea is brilliant. Oh, the possibilities… Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. Wow, there would be a lot of possibilities for these. We just finished our Mother’s Day projects, and this might be the perfect idea for Mother’s Day for next year!


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