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Ruth’s Slice of Life: Book Group Discussion

Today the ninth grade class I work with met for a discussion about their books.  They did a phenomenal job!  I stood in awe as I watched the groups come together, students listen and respond to one another, and understandings emerge.  The thoughts in my mind spinning around so quickly they tripped over each other

  • They are staying on a line of thinking and figuring out the important ideas.
  • They are supportive and friendly.
  • He’s genuinely interested in what his group mate is saying.
  • He really read the book and thought about it.
  • Look at her, referecing the page number to clarify the misunderstanding — and in such a tactful way.
  • It’s loud in here, but everyone — yes everyone — is focused on his/her group.
  • This is amazing.
  • What, did he just say, Thanks for saying that, I would have never thought about that before?
  • Remarkable, it’s been twenty five minutes and no one has said We’re DONE.  They are all in the thick of their discussions.

Note:  Credit must be given to Nancy Steineke’s remarkable book: Reading & Writing Together:  Collaborative Literacy in Action, which I’ve absorbed and have used as a guide to literature circles.

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