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THIS WEEK: Another Big Picture Series

Ruth and I talked last week about some of the comments and e-mails we’ve been getting this week. Many of the comments are from teachers who are feeling torn about test prep, while many more of the e-mails are from teachers who are implementing Writing Workshop for the first time and are looking for assistance. Therefore, we’ve decide to get back to basics this week making sure our posts are focused on what new teachers (to Writing Workshop, not necessarily to the profession) are asking us about implementing Workshop in their classrooms.

For those veteran Writing Workshop teachers out there we ask that you comment on our posts, adding your knowledge and insight to what we write about each topic so that new Workshop teachers will have more than just our (i.e., Ruth’s and mine) perspectives.

We look forward to “getting back to basics” with you this week.

2 thoughts on “THIS WEEK: Another Big Picture Series

  1. I know that I have felt torn about test prep. I have begun to feel better in the last couple years since I have begun integrating it authentically within Reading and Writing Workshop throughout the year. I have found Test Talk by Melton and Greene to be invaluable as well!


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