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Online Brainstorming Tool

The newest Web 2.0 Tool I learned about yesterday at NCTE is called It’s a brainstorming tool, which I briefly demonstrated, while Ruth taped me using a digital camera, in the video we recorded yesterday (below). In the video, you’ll see me creating a personal word web, which was mentioned in a session led by Stephanie R. Jones, Grace Enriquez, and Lane Clarke. (NOTE: This personal word web strategy falls under the MEANING MAKING Part of the Four Resources Model developed by Luke and Freebody. I thought it was many useful strategies Jones, Enriquez, and Clarke presented since it honors the specialty knowledge kids have about a particular area; tapping-into the specialized vocabulary they already know and then building off of it.)

As you have seen from the video Ruth and I put together with Windows Movie Maker, this kind of technology is very new to us. However, we decided to experiment with it so that we can hopefully begin to incorporate some new technologies into our classrooms.

Finally, here’s a screen shot of the completed “Ceramics” Web I started in the video:

Created with
Created with

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